Culinary Arts

“Repeating trial and error and failing many times… it’s that process which makes the dishes shine.” – Soma Yukihira

“Those who recognize one right way will never go beyond and reach truly amazing things. The journey is no fun if you know where you are going.” - Soma Yukihira

Shokugeki no Soma

The Shokugeki no Soma manga series started in November 2012 at the 52nd issue of 2012 in Weekly Shōnen Jump. The series is written by Yūto Tsukuda and is illustrated by Shun SaekiYuki Morisaki, a famous chef and model, is a consultant for the series and provides much of the food dishes displayed throughout the series starting from Chapter 5.

I'm deeply impressed by this manga not only because of those creative cuisines but more importantly... by those inspiring characteristics (Sōma YukihiraMegumi TadokoroErina Nakiri, etc.), their "NEVER GIVE UP" spirits! I started to reproduce the food since then. 


Roast Pork, Just Kidding

This is Sōma's innovative dish which is served to repel the vicious urban residential planner from destroying Restaurant Yukihira. Even when after all the meat materials were sabotaged in his kitchen, Sōma managed to turn the tides by using some of the groceries as his ingredients to create artificial meat.

Apple Risotto

This is a dish made by Sōma Yukihira during his 490th cooking duel against his father, Jōichirō Yukihira. With the challenge to create a breakfast dish to rejuvenate the eater, Sōma improvised this dish to revitalize Satoshi IsshikiFumio Daimidō, and Megumi Tadokoro.

Chou Farci 

This is a dish made by Kojirō Shinomiya. It used vegetables to enhance the Chicken Breast. Made exclusively by the Vegetable Magician, this is one of the signature dishes of Shino's that made him famous in France. Feast on it and you will never regret!

Mini Soufflé Omelette 

By cooking the eggs to form a soufflé, the meal is soft, springy, and bouncy. However, once you eat it, it melts in your mouth, just like magic! However, be warned, it must be served quickly before it loses form.

Revamped Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke

Taken from Restaurant Yukihira's secret menu, Sōma created a new take on the classic Japanese dish. The dish creates the feeling of a new sprout emerging from the coldness of winter to welcome in spring.

Chaliapin Steak Don

Although the dish was made with cheap ingredients that can be found in a supermarket, the dish focused on both innovation and balance of the ingredients to fulfill the donburi mantra, "Dons are completed in one bowl."


Le dessert

Valentine Chocolate

Snowy Moon Cake

Valentine Chocolate

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